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Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2

IOF World Ranking Event (WRE) orienteering competition, Finnish Championships in Long Distance in Mikkeli, Finland, August 25th-26th 2018

Welcome to the Finnish Orienteering Championships in Long Distance in Mikkeli with WRE status in the classes of M/W21.

Event organizer: Orienteering club Navi Main officials: Event Director: Heikki Tonteri Course setters: Mika Ahola and Jouni Nykänen Info and media: Heli Kauppinen, Results Service: Aki Tenhunen and Timo Harju English-speaking contact persons: Juhani Sihvonen, +3584577319462 and Heli Kauppinen, IOF Event Adviser and Technical Adviser: Tapani Koskela +35840 4510670 Course controller: Mika Sihvonen, Juvan Urheilijat

Event information:


The rules of The Finnish Orienteering Federation, IOF’s guidelines for World Ranking Events, the special rules of the Finnish Championships and instructions given by the organizers will be applied in the competition. The rules of The Finnish Orienteering Federation are available on the website www.suunnistusliitto.fi .

Signposting and venue

Driving instructions will be signposted from the main roads 5 (Mikkeli-Juva) and 62 Mikkeli- Puumala). Distance from Mikkeli to the event centre is about 35 km. Signposts are ready from 6.00 pm on Friday 24th. Event centres navigation address is Neitvuorentie 333, FINLAND. Event centre and parking area are on the field. Distance from parking field to event centre is about 300 meters. The parking fee is 5 €/vehicle/day, to be paid at the info desk at the event centre.

Buses and campers brought to the parking a rea only with advance notice to . Caravans/trailers have to be left at the site of accommodation. No camping in the parking area. VIP, media and officials parking (limited amount of parking places) is in the immediate vicinity of the event centre. All competitors must follow parking instructions by organizer.


Head of the judge council: Reijo Mattinen, Joutsenon Kullervo Members of the judge council: Pekka Valkonen, Kangasniemen Kalske and Jaana Pietilä-Annala, Kangasala SK


Terrain is located 35-43 kilometers from Mikkeli to the east, and can be reached from the Anttola-Puumala -road (road 62) or road 5 from Rahula, 10 kilometers north of Mikkeli.

The terrain is a rock cavern dominated by large hill regions with small details. Runability is good.

Competition map

Scale: 1:15 000. Contour interval: 5 m, 6-colour offset printing 8/2018. Mapping made by Jarmo Tonder. The size of the map is A4 in the qualifications and A3 in the finals. The maps are in plastic cases. The map can be seen at the start. On Sunday, the maps of the B finals are collected at the finish. The competitor puts the map in a bag the name of the class.

Control descriptions

Control descriptions are printed on the map. Separate control description sheets available at the pre-start, 3 minutes before the start line. No material for attaching the descriptions provided by the organizer.

Forbidden areas

Forbidden areas are marked on the map and in the terrain. Some small forbidden areas are only marked in the terrain. Forbidden areas are controlled by organizers.

Competition numbers

The competition numbers are available in folders in the quarantine zone. In the B finals, the same numbers will be used as in the qualification race of the previous day. There are new competition numbers for the A finals available in folders in the quarantine zone. Competition numbers have to be worn throughout the competition, attached to the chest of the race shirt and may not be folded. Bring your own safety pins to attach the race number.

Online controls

Online intermediate controls are used both in the qualification race and the finals. Intermediate times can be seen on the results page.

Start lists

Start lists for the qualification race on Saturday will be published on the organizer’s web page http://www.navisuunnistus/sm2018 and at Eventor Thursday 23.8.2018 at the latest. They will also be available at the event centre and at the start on Saturday. Start lists for the Sunday finals will be formed on the basis of qualification race results. Start lists will be published on the organizer’s web page and at Eventor no later than 8 pm on Saturday and on the notice board of the event centre, in the quarantine zone and at the start on Sunday.

Quarantine zone and starts

There is only one start on both days. There is a quarantine zone in the qualification race and the A finals but not in the B finals. Guiding to the start/quarantine zone begins at the guidepost at the event centre. It is obligatory to follow the guided route to the start/quarantine zone. In the qualifications, the distance to the quarantine zone is 1000 m, and the distance from there to the start is 700 m. In the A finals, the distance to the quarantine zone is 1200 m, and the distance from there to the start is 500 m. In the B finals, the distance to the start is same. The quarantine zone of the qualification race closes at 11.00 and the A finals closes at 12.30. Only those competitors who have entered the quarantine zone in time are allowed to compete. Competitors are not allowed to exit the quarantine zone after entrance closure. Mobile phones and other electronic devices (gps trackers with a display etc) are prohibited in the quarantine zone. No coaches or other supporting people are allowed to enter the quarantine zone after entrance closure. In the quarantine zone, thereare toilets and an equipment drop off point. Personal equipment bags are needed. The equipment is transported to the event centre. In the quarantine zone, competition numbers are in folders. Competition numbers will be removed after the closure of the quarantine zone. At the quarantine zone and B final start, there are Emit control slips.

The first start of the qualification race on Saturday is at 10.00. On Sunday, the first start of the B finals is at 9.00 and the first start of the A finals is at 11.30.

Start procedure - please see attachment!

Classes, course lengths, climb and number of control points - please see attachment!

Punching system

The electronic punching system Emit will be used. Rental Emit cards available from the event organizer, fee 10 €.

Model control and checking/changing the Emit card

The model control and the Emit checking unit are situated close to the guidepost at the event centre. Competitors are responsible for checking that Emit cards work and have the same numbers as on the start list. Changes of Emit cards before the competition after the deadline of entries can be made by sending an e-mail to . On the day of the competition, changes of Emit cards are made at the info desk at the event centre, fee 5 euros. No changes of Emit card numbers at the start. Rental Emit cards to be picked up from the info desk (10 €, payment in cash) and should be returned there after the race. The fee of unreturned Emit cards is 90 €.

GPS Tracking

All the athletes in H/D21 A-final wear GPS tracking devices. The GPS-gadget will be slipped into the vest at the pre-start. Athletes must wear the tracking device. Athletes refusing to wear tracking device will be disqualified.

Orienteering shoes

Spikes not allowed, dobb shoes for orienteering are allowed.

Refreshment controls

There are no refreshment points in the qualification race. The refreshment controls of the A and B finals are marked on the map. The drink on offer is water and FAST energy drink.

Finish and drop-outs

After punching at the finish line, the competitor moves to the Emit check-out point. A competitor who has dropped out must exit the terrain via the marked finishing route through the finish area to the Emit check-out point and report the drop-out. Also competitors who have dropped out because of injury must report this to finish officials. The finish will be closed at 15.00 on Saturday and at 16.30 on Sunday. In the qualification race, maps are collected after the race. In the B finals, maps are collected at the finish up until the closure of the quarantine zone. In the A finals, competitors may keep their maps after the race. Complaints must to leave to the info.


Results will be available on the results noticeboard at the event centre, on the webpage http://www.navisuunnistus.fi/sm2018 and at Eventor.


The info desk will be open 8.00 - 16.00 on Saturday and 8.00 - 17.00 on Sunday. Parking fees (10 €/weekend) to be paid at the info desk. This is also where Emit changes are made and where other questions and problems of competitors are dealt with. Rental Emit cards from Info (10 €). At the event centre, both cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Dressing, washing and toilets

At the event centre, there are toilets and and washing (warm shower). There is also a toilet in the quarantine zone. There are no toilets at the start.

First aid

There’s a first aid point at the event centre and there are first aid points in the competition terrain in places marked on the competition map.


The prize giving ceremony will start after the final results at about 16.00. In the A finals, medals and honorary awards per class for positions 1 to 3, plaques for positions 4 to 10. The prizes of the B finals may be picked up from the prize desk. Exact prize-giving times will be announced by the organizer.


There is a rescue plan on the competition webpage and on the info notice board at the event centre.

Children’s day care

At the event centre. Registration in advance to the event director by e-mail . Fee 10 €.

Club tents

Club tents only in reserved areas at the event centre.

Restaurant and cafe

A warm lunch will be served at a low cost at the event centre both on Saturday and Sunday. The menu and prices will be published on the competition webpage. There is also a café that sells coffee, tea, cold drinks, cakes, sandwiches and sausages. Both cash and credit cards can be used at the event centre.

Lost and found

During the event, inquiries of lost items find at the info desk. After the competition: Milka Viita (+35850 404 9534),

Accommodation and travelling to Mikkeli

Mikkeli, the headquarters during three different wars, is located in South-Savo 240 km from Helsinki to north-east, in the heart of Lakeland Finland. Mikkeli has beautiful manors, numerous destinations of nature, and Lake Saimaa to offer. Did you know that Mikkeli is also the holiday capital of Finland - there are over 10 400 cottages in Mikkeli region! More information accomodations and travelling: https://www.visitmikkeli.fi/mikkeli

Weather and clothing

In August the weather in the east of Finland could be anything from pleasantly warm and sunny (about 18-23 degrees C) to terribly cold, windy and rainy (about 5-10 degrees C). Competitors should be prepared for changeable weather.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Mikkeli.



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