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Bulletin 1


Bulletin 1

IOF World Ranking Event (WRE) orienteering competition,

Finnish Championships in Long Distance in Mikkeli, Finland, August 25th-26th 2018

Welcome to the Finnish Orienteering Championships in Long Distance in Mikkeli

with WRE status in the classes of M/W21.

Event organizer: Orienteering club Navi

Main officials:

Event Director: Heikki Tonteri

Course setters: Mika Ahola and Jouni Nykänen

Info and media: Heli Kauppinen,

Results Service: Aki Tenhunen and Timo Harju

English-speaking contact persons: Juhani Sihvonen, +3584577319462 and Heli Kauppinen,

IOF Event Adviser and Technical Adviser: Tapani Koskela +35840 4510670

Course controller: Mika Sihvonen, Juvan Urheilijat

Event information:

Rules: The rules of The Finnish Orienteering Federation, IOF’s guidelines for World Ranking Events, the special rules of the Finnish Championships and instructions given by the organizers will be applied in the competition. The rules of The Finnish Orienteering Federation are available on the website www.suunnistusliitto.fi.

Punching system:

The electronic punching system Emit will be used. Rental Emit cards available from the event organizer, fee 5€.


The classes of H21 (=M21) and D21 (=W21) have WRE status. To enter the WRE competition, participation in the qualification race is mandatory. Estimated winning times for women are about 70-80 minutes and for men about 90-100 minutes. The Finnish Championships in Long Distance take place at the same time, which offer classes from H/D15 to H/D85. There are about 2000 orienteers in the competition.

Entries and entry fees:

The entry fee of qualifications and A/B finals is 37,30 €. Entry and payment no later

than Thursday 16th August. No late entries allowed. Entries and payments primarily through IRMA system. You must include your Emit card number in your entry. If your Emit card number is missing, the organizer will reserve and Emit card for you and charge you 5€. Your rental Emit card should be picked up from the info desk at the event centre. Competitors from abroad with no access to the IRMA system enter through

Eventor. The new IOF World Ranking system only uses the Latin alphabet from a

to z. It is very important for all runners to check that the information about them is correct. Please check the following: the spelling of your first and last name, birth year and nationality. If you find any mistakes, please report them to . When reporting, make sure you add your complete birth date (day, month, year). It is not possible to pay through Eventor.

The bank details for entry fee payment without access to IRMA

system are as follows:

Account owner: Navi ry

Bank name: Suur-Savon OP

Bank address: Porrassalmenkatu 19, 50101 Mikkeli, Finland

IBAN: FI0852711820009735



WRE athletes have to include their IOF IDs in their entry. Athletes who don’t yet have an IOF ID will get one by registering a user account in IOF Eventor: https://eventor.orienteering.org/Register

Signposting and venue:

Driving instructions will be signposted from the main roads 5 and 62.

Distance from the signposts to the event centre is about 25 km. Signposts are ready from 6.00 pm on Friday 24th. Event centres navigation address is Neitvuorentie 333, FINLAND. Event centre and parking area are on the field. Distance from parking field to event centre is about 300 meters. The parking fee is 5 €/vehicle/day, to be paid at the info desk at the event centre.

Competition map:

Scale: 1:15 000. Contour interval: 5 m, 6-colour offset printing 8/2018. Mapping made by Jarmo Tonder. The size of the map is A3/A4 in the qualifications and the finals. The maps are in plastic cases.

Map of the area and embargoed area:



Terrain is located 35-43 kilometers from Mikkeli to the east, and can be reached from the Anttola-Puumala -road (road 62) or road 5 from Rahula, 10 kilometers north of Mikkeli.

The terrain is a rock cavern dominated by large hill regions with small details. Runability is good.

 karttanaytteet wre

GPS tracking:

Competitors qualified for the A-final are obliged to carry a GPS-tracking device handed out by the organizer.

Training opportunities:

Maps for training can be ordered from , +358 40 7575125. A4-sized maps at a cost of 7€/map. Please order your maps at least one week prior to your planned date of training.

Timetable of the competition:

The first start of the qualification race on Saturday 25th at 11.30 am. The first start of the A finals on Sunday 26th is at 11.30 am. The first start of the B finals on Sunday 26th is at

09.00 am.


A warm lunch will be served at a low cost at the event centre both on Saturday and Sunday.

Accommodation and travelling to Mikkeli:

Mikkeli, the headquarters during three different wars, is located in South-Savo 240 km from Helsinki to north-east, in the heart of Lakeland Finland. Mikkeli has beautiful manors, numerous destinations of nature, and Lake Saimaa to offer. Did you know that Mikkeli is also the holiday capital of Finland - there are over 10 400 cottages in Mikkeli region!

More information accomodations and travelling: https://www.visitmikkeli.fi/mikkeli



Weather and clothing:

In August the weather in the east of Finland could be anything from pleasantly warm and sunny (about 18-23 degrees C) to terribly cold, windy and rainy (about 5-10 degrees C). Competitors should be prepared for changeable weather.

Visa requirements:

According to current regulations, citizens of some countries must obtain a visa in order to enter Finland. Please check the following website for more information: www.formin.fi Visas should be applied for at your closest Finnish Embassy. Please note that conditions of entry may change and all participants are advised to keep themselves updated on the current situation by consulting their local Finnish Embassy.

Final event instructions, start times and other information:

There will be more information on the organizer’s web page closer to the date of the competition. Bulletin 2 will be published in the beginning of August.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Mikkeli.




Below you can find Bulletin 1 as a pdf file: 


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