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Competition instructions

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Orienteering Competition Finnish Championships Long Distance (R1 and R2) and World Ranking Event (WRE) at Mikkeli Ylivesi in August 25–26, 2018

The competition instructions are available also on the board of the competition centre.

The changes of the preliminary competition instructions are marked by red font.

Competition rules and instructions

The rules of The Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF), the separate rules of the Finnish Championship as well as International Orienteering Federation IOF’s guidelines for World Ranking Events and instructions given by the organizers will be applied in the competition.

Competition centre

The navigation address of the competiton centre is Neitvuorentie 333, Mikkeli.


The competition terrain is typical rock terrain of the Saimaa waterfront area, with great height differences (approximately 100 m). The runnability on the hills is good, but varies in between them. The hill areas and slopes have a lot of small details.

Competition map

The competition map is in the scale of 1:7 500, 1:10 000 or 1:15 000. The scales can be seen according to the classes in a separate chart. The contour interval is 5 m, mapped by Jarmo Tonder. 6-color offset-printing. Printed in 8/2018. The maps are in sealed plastic cases.  

Control descriptions

Control descriptions are available in all classes both in the qualification races and in finals (A- and B- finals). Control descriptions in a separate sheet are available at the start. Take a look at the drawing in the start procedure section of these instructions. There is no material available for attaching the descriptions provided by the organizers. The control descriptions are printed also on the map.


There are both control flags and Emit system in the controls. Model control is available by the guidepost, where the Emit testing is also located.

Classes, course lengths, number of control points, climb, the scale, start zone, the number of competitors qualified for A-finals

These are informed in a separate chart on the internet pages and on the board.

The quarantine zone

A quarantine zone is used in all qualification races and in A-finals. There is no quarantine zone used in B-finals. Only those competitors who have entered the quarantine zone in time and taken there competition numbers in due time are allowed to compete.
Competitors are only allowed to exit the quarantine zone through the start procedures to the competition route.  

The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices (gps trackers with a display etc) is prohibited in the quarantine zone.
The closing times of the quarantine zones:
-    in the qualification race the closing time is at 11:00 a.m.
-    in A-finals the closing time in start 3 (R1) is 12.30 a.m. and in start 4 (R2) at 11:00 a.m.
There are toilets in the quarantine zone.
There are no shelters and no drinking water available the quarantine zone. The competitors must bring their own drinks in the quarantine zone.
The quarantine zones are located in the competition area, so it is obligatory to follow the guided route. When moving into the quarantine zone, the left side of the road has to be used.

Equipment transport

There are marked places for equipment transport from the quarantine zone to the competition center.

The competitors should take their own bags for the equipment, as the organizer does not provide any bags.

Distance to the quarantine zone and start, coloring of the marked route

Guiding to the start/quarantine zone begins at the guidepost at the
competition centre. It is obligatory to follow the guided route to the start.

Start:     Distance to the zone     From zone to start     Coloring
Start 1:     1000 m         700 m         blue (R1 qualifying race)
Start 2:     1100 m         300 m         white (R2 qualifying race)

Start 3:     1200 m         500 m         white (R1 A-final)
Start 4:     1200 m         500 m         white (R2 A- ja B-finals).

Start lists

The start lists will be set according to the instructions of the Finnish Orienteering Federation and the separate rules of the Finnish Championships. In the WRE-classes, the start list for the qualification race will be set according to the International Orienteering Federation’s world ranking.    

The start lists for the qualification races are available in the internet pages of the organizer (http://www.navisuunnistus.fi/kilpailut/suunnistuksen-sm-2018/) and at the bulletin board as well as in the waiting area in the competition centre.

The start lists for A- and B-finals will be published in the result board as well as in the internet pages of the organiser after the finalisation of the qualification results.

The starting times for A-finals are based on the qualification race results; those in the leading positions in the qualification results departing the last.

The competitors not qualified for the finals will be divided into groups with up to 60 competitors per group. The best in the first group, the next best in the second group etc.
The orienteers not participating the qualification race will be drawn and placed to the beginning of the last group of B-finals, excluding classes M/W21, where the orienteers not participating the qualification race are not able compete in B-finals. The amount of classes depends on the amount of competitors enrolled in the qualification race.

In the qualification race the start will take place in 2-minute start intervals, in A-finals the interval is 3 minutes. In B-finals the interval is 1-2 minutes.

The first starting times

The first start of the qualifying race is on Saturday, August 25 at 10:00 a.m.

The first start of A-finals is on Sunday, August 26 at 11:30 a.m. and for the B-finals at 9:00 a.m.
The first start of A-finals is on Sunday, August 26 at 10:00 a.m. and for the B-finals at 09:00 a.m.

Start procedure

In the pre start 10 minutes before start the official tells only time, no names.


Finish and collecting the maps

Punching is used in the finish line. All classes will be using the same finish. There will be a marked route from the final control point to the finish.

In the qualification race and R1 A finals, competitors may keep their maps after the race. In the R2 A and B finals, the maps are collected until the 12:30. The competitor must place the map in the box after finishing the race. The returning of the maps will take place after 12:30 a.m. The organizer will announce the collecting of the maps taking place in the vicinity of the finish area.  

Toilets, dressing and washing facilities

There are portable toilets in the quarantine zone and in the competition center.
There are no separate dressing facilities.
There are washing facilities available in the competition center in the terrain (guiding from the guidepost). Warm water available. The water in the washing point is not suitable for drinking.

Competition numbers

All competitors wear a competition number. There will be different numbers in qualification races and in the A-finals. The numbers will be in the quarantine zone in folders. The numbers of qualifying races will be used in the B-finals.

Competitors are responsible of picking up their own competition number. The number must be fixed in the chest with each own’s safety pins. The competition number may not be folded.
The competition numbers will be removed from the quarantine zones after the closure of the quarantine zone.  


Rental Emit cards to be picked up from the info desk in the competition center (10€, payment in cash) and should be returned there after the race. The fee of unreturned Emit card is 90€.
Changes in the Emit card have to be made in advance by e-mail: . The change can be made also in the info of the competition center (3€/change).
Check your Emit-number from the start list.

Forbidden areas

Forbidden areas are marked on the map and in the terrain. Forbidden areas are controlled by organizers.

Orienteering shoes

Spikes are not allowed.

Refreshment controls and first aid point

There is no refreshment control in the qualifying race. There will be refreshment controls in the terrain in the A-finals (with water and FAST energy drink).

There is a first aid point in the terrain in both qualifying race and finals. The place is marked on the map.

GPS tracking

All the competitors in H/D21 A-final wear GPS tracking devices. The GPS-gadget will be slipped into the vest at the pre start 10 minutes before the start. Competitors must wear the tracking device. Anyone refusing to do so will be immediately disqualified.

Closing times of the finish

Qualifications: the finish will be closed at 15:00.
A and B finals: the finish will be closed at 16:30.

Instruction for drop-outs

The drop-outs must report to the officials in the finish area.

Wailing wall

Wailing wall is located in the vicinity of the finish area.

Prizes and prize ceremony

In the Finnish Championships, there will be medals and honorary awards for positions 1 to 3 per class. In R1 positions 4 to 10 and in R2 positions 4 to 6 will be awarded up to classes H/D70.  

In classes H/D75, 80 and 85 only medals and honorary awards will be distributed.  

The prize giving ceremony will take place after the results are finalized. Exact prize giving times will be announced by the organizer.

In the WRE-competition, there will be prizes for positions 1-3 /class. The prize ceremony will be separate from the Finnish Championships prize ceremony. Exact prize giving times will be announced.

In B-finals only the winner of the class will be given a prize. The prize can be picked up from the prize giving area after the results are finalized.


The parking area for passenger cars and motor homes/caravans is located in the field nearby the competition centre. The walking distance to the competition centre is approximately 500 meters.
The parking fee is 5 € / car / day. The parking ticket can be purchased from the info by cash.  Please reserve an even amount. Place the parking ticket easily visible inside the windshield of your car when exiting the parking area. If purchasing the ticket in the parking area, the fee is 10€/car/ day.
No camping in the competition center.
Parking for buses and motor homes has to be informed in advance by e-mail:


The info desk is located in the competition centre.


There is a rescue plan on the competition webpage and on the info notice board at the competition centre.

First aid

There is a first aid point at the competition centre. There is also a first aid point in the competition terrain marked on the competition map, where the first aid group is operating.
Children’s day care

Located at the competition centre. Opening hours in both competition days: 07:30 a.m.-16:30 p.m.
Registration in advance (by August 20) by e-mail:
Fee 10€/day, including a snack with drinks. Please inform any food allergies in advance. Fee paid in cash to day care. Please reserve an event amount for paying.
The age limit for the day care is 2 years.

Team tents

The pitching of team tents is only allowed in the specific area marked in the map of the competition centre.


There are cafe services and lunch available at the restaurant in the competition center.
Due to the remote location of the competition area, there can be uncertainties in the electronic payment systems due to overloading in the broadband connections, so please also reserve cash for the restaurant.

Not permitted

The use of open fire and the use of outdoor and gas cookers, barbecues as well as smoking is strictly forbidden in the entire competition center and in the parking lots.
Accommodation in the competition center and in the parking lots is forbidden.
Advertising, selling of goods etc in the competition center and in the parking lots is forbidden without a permission of the organizers.

Lost and found

The inquiries concerning lost and found items can be sent to: .

Competition officials

Event director:         Heikki Tonteri,
Deputy event director:        Juhani Sihvonen,  045 7731 9462
Communications:     Heli Kauppinen, 044 566 4579,
TA (FOF) and WRE-controller (IOF): Tapani Koskela
Course controller:         Mika Sihvonen, Juvan Urheilijat
Course setters:        Mika Ahola and Jouni Nykänen
Parking:            Hannu Seppänen,
Info:             Tuula Hyytiäinen and Milka Viita
Start:             Tuomo Männistö and Veli Kovanen
Finish:            Jukka Kurttila
Result services:         Aki Tenhunen and Timo Harju
Restaurant:         Niina Liukkonen
Maintenance:        Juha Pasonen
Children’s day care:        Iina Malinen,
First aid:     SPR Mikkeli, Toni Onnelainen, doctor Teemu Pajunen
Announcements:         Mikko Reitti

Jury members

Chairman:             Reijo Mattinen, Joutsenon Kullervo
Member:             Pekka Valkonen, Kangasniemen Kalske
Member:             Jaana Pietilä-Annala, Kangasala SK



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